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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 480

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This week's doodle is White.

Since I drew him pretty roughly, he looks a bit loose, kinda like he's covered in blood.

​ My body is still it's usual today, so the afterword will be short.

Personally, White's changed since when I first wrote him out.

Originally lorewise, White was supposed to look normal but be a psycho on the inside.

But as I put him to the drafts, we had young Hoaqin show up, so I gave him a childish narcissistic personality to him, and as a result, he's a psycho both on the inside and the outside.

Considering how the Arie family is so restrictive, I thought it would make sense for someone that abandoned the family to have this kinda personality, so I was enjoying it...

As he regains his power, he's becoming more reconciled with the original lore I had for him.

He's evil but definitely charming.

Since his first post-full-revival fight is against Kallavan, it may be difficult to see how much stronger he's become, but Kallavan is an Army Corps Commander-tier fighter with a colorful resume, so they're both fantastically powerful.

​Baam seems to be up to something, wonder what...

These days, I have a lot going on in my mind.

It's like a whole bunch of worries I had for a long time are coming up to the surface slowly.

I couldn't say I was perfectly happy, but I thought I was getting close.

But at times, I feel I'm getting further away, which can discourage me.

I'm getting old, although I haven't reached my midlife crisis yet hehehe.

Even if you worry a lot, it doesn't actually do you much good.

​I hope you guys, my readers don't have any worries and stay happy and healthy this week.

I should work hard to help you all with that, but... that's a pretty big task.

​Then I'll be back next week with White and Kallavan fighting, and Baam planning something.

See you next week!

Thank You _ _

CH# 479
CH# 481
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 480

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