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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 479

Blog Translation : Season 3 Chapter 62

CH# 478
CH# 480

Hello, this is SIU.

​ This week's doodle is Kallavan.

I drew him because in some regard he is the main character of the Siege of the First Wall.​

​A stubborn character like Kallavan isn't too good with office politics.

In fact, if a non-Great Family member finds themselves in a high position, they rarely receive good treatment normally in the Tower.

​Actually these days, my body hasn't been doing too good.

So outside of work I've been trying to minimize the time I spend on the computer screen or sitting, so I'll keep the after words this week short too.

Actually, since my after words have become like a routine so people end up waiting for it, and I do think that it helps me focus myself after uploading a chapter to prepare for the next, so I've been trying to release at least something short for these.

I hope you guys look forward to next week's battle.

​Whatever happened this week, I hope you have a good time this week.

Always stay healthy and happy ^^

​Have a good week

I'll see you next time.

Thank you _ _

CH# 478
CH# 480
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 479

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